“Your True and Loving Friend” – Mountville, PA (1914)

One of the delights of reading vintage postcards is reading the frequent expression of friendship and affection.

It is not uncommon to find references to “true friendship”, “loving friend”, or “true affection”.

While we may glibly note “BFF” on our texts, most contemporary correspondents seldom exchange the kinds of friendly declarations that were common in the early years of the 20th century.

This lovely Thanksgiving postcard was mailed from Grand Central Station in New York City on November 25, 1914.

Albert Peters posted the embossed greeting to Harry Oleweiler who lived near Mountville, PA.

We don’t know if Albert was traveling through New York or if he resided there.

Likewise, we cannot know how Harry and Albert were acquainted – childhood pals, schoolmates, one-time colleagues, or former neighbors.

We can appreciate the impulse to remember with gratitude our dear friends at Thanksgiving.

One hopes that Albert and Harry remained “true friends” in the years to come.


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