A Bright Greeting to Miss Mary White – Mohnton, PA (1911)

Miss Mary White may have celebrated a birthday in February of 1911; she received a beautiful postcard greeting from a friend.

Miss White lived in Mohnton, PA, a borough in southwest Berks County – close to the northeast corner of Lancaster County.

Until 1906, the post office was known as “Mohn’s Store”.

The friend who mailed the postcard from an unknown location, is identified as “From a friend you guess” and by a postcard club number.

The postcard, richly decorated with embossed flowers of red and blue, was printed in Germany.  

White doves, also embossed, hover beneath the legend, “Heartiest Congratulations”.

Unfortunately, there is no indication of the publisher or of the postcard artist.

One hopes that Mary was delighted by the postcard and that she enjoyed the day.


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