Mother is in the Hospital – Baltimore, MD (1913)

Mrs. Matilda Hill was a patient of the Maryland University Hospital in Baltimore.

We do not know the cause of her hospitalization, but she continued to have lingering pain in her side.

She received a postcard, adorned with violets, from her daughter, Emma.

The postcard greeting was titled, “Love’s Token”.

The postcard, lightly- embossed. lacks any indication of a publisher or printer.

Emma lived in Rock Hall, Maryland, a center of fishing and oystering on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

Although Rock Hall was almost directly across the Bay from Baltimore, Matilda would have to travel ninety miles if she made the journey by land.

On the reverse of the postcard, Emma thanks her mother for a recent letter.

Emma is glad to know that mother is feeling better, but she is concerned about the healing of her side.

(Could mother have had an appendectomy?)

Mother may have expressed some dismay at her continued hospitalization, for Emma acknowledges, “I know you don’t like it were(sic) you are…”.

Emma adds resignedly, “but it can’t be helped”.

Emma hopes to see mother at home again in the near future, and concludes by sending “love to you”.

One hopes that Mrs. Hill did make a complete recovery and was able to return home to Emma and the other family members.


A quick internet search shows Matilda A. Hill, born in 1866, is buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery of Rock Hill, Maryland.

If this is our Matilda, she lived to be 97 years old, passing away in 1963.

Her hospitalization (in 1913) would have been in her 47th year.


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