A Christmas Blossom for Miss Jessey – Brooklyn, NY (1908)

Miss Lynda Jessey lived in Brooklyn, the most-populated and bustling borough of New York City.

In 1908, the Brooklyn side of the Hudson River was crowded with refineries and warehouses; the sprawling Brooklyn Navy Yard was still an important center of ship-building.


At Christmas time, Miss Jessey received a Christmas postcard from an unidentified friend or admirer.

The postcard was mailed from the Hudson Terminal in Manhattan, so it is possible that Miss Jessey’s correspondent lived in that borough.

The Hudson Terminal was a pair of two large office buildings, partially occupied by the “Hudson & Manhattan Railroad” – which evolved into New Jersey Transit. This site was razed for the construction of the World Trade Center.


Covered in patterned, gold foil, the postcard bears a medallion drawing of a country church within a large pink blossom.

Around the blossom are sprigs of holly.

The postcard was printed in Germany, but I cannot find a publisher’s insignia.

On the reverse, we find only the address of Miss Jessey at 141 Cooper Street; there is no message.

(The home of Miss Cooper is no longer standing; a multi-family residence now occupies this site in Bushwick.)

One hopes that Miss Jessey and her correspondent enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday.


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