A Moonlit Scene for the Oswalds – Barberton, Ohio (1926)

Mr. and Mrs. R. Oswald lived in Barberton, the planned company town on the Tuscarawas River in northeast Ohio.

Barberton was designed by industrialist O. C. Barber who built the Diamond Match Company there.


At Christmas in 1916, the Oswalds received a postcard greeting from Gladys and Bill.

Gladys and Bill lived in Orrville, now a center of agricultural and food processing businesses in northeast Ohio.


The face of the postcard is a lovely illustration of a moon-lit winter scene.

A couple proceeds on a snowy path toward a rural home from which smoke ascends from the chimney.

The moon is suggested by a simple circle inscribed in the dark sky.

On a snowbank, a seasonal greeting appears under the heading, “Merry Be Your Christmas”.

The lines are:

“To make Christmas Memories

Linger longer and Christmas

Friendships stronger”.

The postcard was printed in the United States.

On the reverse, Gladys and Bill write, “Wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year”.

One hopes that the Oswalds and their friends in Orrville did enjoy a wonderful Christmas.


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