A Christmas Wish from California – Kent City, Michigan (1921)

Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Barrett lived in Kent City, a village in southeast Michigan, about 20 miles north of Grand Rapids.

In December of 1921, the Barretts received a Christmas postcard from D. W. and I.L. Boyd.

The Boyds lived in Winters, a small city in the western Sacramento Valley of northern California.

The face of the postcard bears an illustration of a rural church in a wintry landscape.

In 1921, Kent City and Winters were both rural communities, so the image would look familiar.

The postcard was published by the Wolf Company of New York.

A verse expresses a wish that the “magic spell” of Christmas will “make all things happy” and “all things well”.

One hopes that the families in California and in Michigan did experience the magic spell of Christmas.


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