Sailing on the Jersey Shore – Atlantic City (1912)

Before motor-powered boats crowded the sea lanes near New Jersey, there were sailboats in the marinas that still line the bays and inlets of the coast.

We don’t know if Mrs. Corry was a sailor, but she selected a postcard that is illustrated with a nighttime-view of sail boats.

The postcard was published by the “P.C.D. Company”, which is the Post Card Distributing Company. 

This firm published many postcard photographs of the Atlantic City area.

The postcard was mailed from Atlantic City to Miss G. Voss of Olney, PA – once a suburb, now a neighborhood of Philadelphia.

This is the third postcard greeting that we have seen addressed to Miss Voss, whose given name is Geraldine.

One certainly hopes that Geraldine had vacation adventures of her own – she received postcard reminders of her friends’ excursions on a regular basis.

Mrs. Corry was in Atlantic City in early September, which is (I believe) the best time to visit the beach.

I love to visit the seaside towns after Labor Day, while the water is warm and the summer crowds are thinning with the return of the young to schools and colleges.

One hopes that Mrs. Corry had a splendid time in Atlantic City and that Geraldine took pleasure in the handsome postcard – which has survived in good condition for 110 years.


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