A Horseshoe for Arthur – Bryant, Indiana (circa 1910)

Arthur Switzer lived in Bryant, a town in eastern Indiana.

Bryant was founded when the railroad was extended through north-central Indiana.

In 1910, the town was larger than it is today.


Sometime around 1910, Arthur was celebrating a birthday.

Someone selected an embossed postcard greeting with bright poppies to send to him.

The postcard, although bearing a one-cent stamp, was not mailed.

We might assume that the sender lived nearby and delivered the postcard in person.

Alas, we can not tell who presented the postcard to Arthur.

On the face, a golden horseshoe is crowned with orange blossoms.

The design is deeply-embossed, and can be seen clearly from the reverse.

It seems that Arthur was delighted by the postcard as it was preserved in good condition for more than a century.


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