A Rooster at the Easel – Clearview, PA (1907)

Master Edwin Wasson lived in Clearview, a mysterious place in Pennsylvania.

There are several contemporary place names of “Clearview”, including a small subdivision in Lancaster County, a neighborhood in Philadelphia County, and some landmarks in Lawrence County.

The only Pennsylvania Post Office for “Clearview” was in Lawrence County, but that post office closed in 1901.

Because the postmark is from a train station on a Philadelphia line, I am guessing that Edwin may have lived in eastern Pennsylvania.

In March of 1907, Young Edwin received an Easter greeting from his Uncle Edwin Spencer.

Uncle Edwin mailed the postcard from a railway station.

On the face, a colorful drawing depicts a rooster standing on a barrel, before an easel.

The easel bears the words, “Easter Greetings”.

The postcard was printed in Europe; the embossed design appears to have hampered Uncle Edwin’s writing on the reverse.

(Many vintage postcards have addresses that are almost illegible due to the distortions resulting from fountain pens applied to very uneven surfaces.)

The message from Uncle Edwin seems to wish a happy Easter to Edwin’s rooster!

It is possible that the message meant to communicate a “Happy Easter” to Edwin and his rooster.

In any event, one hopes that young Edwin was delighted by the attractive postcard and that he and Uncle Edwin, -and the rooster – enjoyed a wonderful Easter.


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