A Jolly Good Time – Bismarck, North Dakota (1908)

Annie Robidou was a lively young woman.

I have a dozen postcards that were sent to her by friends, relatives, and admirers – all the cards relate to flirtation or romance.

(There are dozens more postcards addressed to Annie in the boxes of a local antique dealer.)

Annie lived in Bismarck, the capital city of North Dakota, on the Missouri River near the center of the state.

On December 17, 1908, Annie received a postcard from her cousin, Orrie (?) who lived nearby.

The face of the postcard shows a young woman being carried piggy-back by a man, on the shores of a lake.

The two are not dressed for swimming, but the girl has removed her shoes.

The heading reads, “A Jolly Good Time”.

On the reverse, Cousin Orrie asks if this behavior is shared by Annie, and wishes Annie a merry Christmas.

One hopes that Annie and her cousin enjoyed a jolly Christmas and happy New Year in 1908 and 1909.


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