A Drive Through the Mosquito Valley – Williamsport, PA (1908)

Despite the unappealing name, the Mosquito Valley is a beautiful, mixed-forest, landscape on the north side of the Appalachian ridges in north central Pennsylvania.
Located in Lycoming County, a significant portion of the area is now preserved as a protected watershed by the city of Williamsport.
The valley was long recognized for the purity of its mountain streams.
Miss Estella Weaver lived in South Perkasie, part of the borough of Perkasie in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
In 1908, Perkasie was the home of varied industries, including a brickyard, silk mill, lumberyard, tile works, and cigar factory.
The borough is located 35 miles north of Philadelphia.
In May, Estella received a postcard from her friend, B.M., who mailed the greeting from a train station in Williamsport.
The face of the postcard bears a hand-colored photograph of an unpaved road to the Mosquito Valley.
On the reverse, the writer apologizes for her tardiness in answering a postcard from Estella.
The friend writes, “I was kept busy cleaning house”, and adds, “so you see that took all my time.”
One hopes that Estella and her friend maintained their postcard correspondence, and that they were able to ride sometime through the Mosquito Valley.


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