“A Joyful Easter” to Miss Carrie – Brunnerville, PA (circa 1910)

Miss Carrie Pfoutz lived in Brunnerville, PA, a populated place a few miles northeast of the town of Lititz, in Lancaster County.

In the Spring of a year near 1910, Carrie was given a richly-colored postcard greeting for Easter.

The postcard, printed in Europe, bears original (and anonymous) postcard art containing both Christian and pagan elements.

(I do not recognize the publisher’s insignia on the reverse.)

A young woman, attended by a pet lamb, draws colored eggs from an inlet or a spring.

The girl is attired in dress traditionally associated with the Dutch -she appears to have wooden shoes.

The giver of the postcard has a neat hand; it would be delightful if all postcards were inscribed as carefully as this one is.

One hopes that Miss Pfoutz, and all those who cared for her, enjoyed a joyful Easter.


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