Erin Go Bragh – Cornwall, PA (1909)

Mr. Paul Hale lived in Cornwall, now a borough in southeast Lebanon County, adjacent to Lancaster County.

In 1909, Cornwall was comprised of several villages, all related to the large iron mines (and furnace) that were developed by Peter Grubb in 1742.

The furnace is now a National Historic Landmark, open for public tours.

On March 16 of 1909, Peter received a St. Patrick’s Day postcard from Belinda in Mansfield, Ohio.

Mansfield, in central Ohio, was at that time a thriving center of iron-casting.

The face of the postcard is a green field on which a green banner, adorned with shamrocks and a harp, is displayed.

Superimposed, is a clay pipe.

The gilded legend, “Erin Go Bragh”, completes the illustration.

Belinda inscribed a brief message, “Will write soon”, and added her name.

One hopes that Paul enjoyed the celebration of Ireland’s patron Saint.


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