“A Joyous Yuletide” from Belle – Glastonbury, Connecticut (1919)

Miss Lucy Rose lived in Worcester, an industrial city 40 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts.

The city became a trading and transportation center for central Massachusetts through access to canals, then to railroads.

In December of 1919, Miss Rose received a Christmas postcard from Belle.

The postcard, printed and published in the United States, was mailed from Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Glastonbury is a town on the Connecticut River, 7 miles southeast of Hartford.

The face of the postcard is illustrated with a drawing of a cozy nook – a chair and a standing birdcage flank a fireplace.

(An unusual shadow is apparent behind the birdcage -I do not know if this is a misprint or an intentional attempt to create depth.)

Beneath the drawing, a cheery verse proclaims that a full heart can utter only, “Merry Christmas” until meeting in person.

The verse is entitled, A Joyous Yule-tide”.

One hopes that Belle and Miss Lucy were able to meet again and to exchange yuletide greetings in person.


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