Christmas Wishes from Grace – Lancaster, PA (circa 1920)

This postcard was not mailed, so we cannot know certainly when it was presented.

But the design is similar to many other Christmas postcards that were printed soon after the first World War, so we may assume that it was made and used circa 1920.

Miss Miriam Greenawalt lived in Lancaster, the beautiful city in southeast Pennsylvania.

At Christmas, Miss Greenawalt was given a postcard by her friend, Grace Sowers.

Because the postcard was hand-delivered, we assume that Grace lived nearby.

The face of the postcard bears an illustration of red candles bound with ribbon to poinsettias and to sprigs of holly.

The postcard was printed and published by the Whitney Company of Worcester, Massachusetts.

On the reverse, Grace writes, “Wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas”.

One hopes that Grace and Miriam remained friends and correspondents for many Christmases to come.


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