A Monument to the Pioneer Mother – Kansas City, Missouri  (1928)

In July of 1928, Joe was in Kansas City, Missouri.

He mailed a postcard to his mother, Mrs. George J. Bankert, in Westminster, Maryland.

Westminster is the county seat of Carroll County in north-central Maryland (about 37 miles northwest of Baltimore.).

The postcard bears a photograph of a monumental sculpture called, “The Pioneer Mother”.

The postcard was published by Hall Brothers of Kansas City, and may have been printed at the time of the monument’s dedication.

A gift of Howard Vanderslice, the monument was erected in Penn Valley Park, very close to a branch of the Santa Fe Trail.

The monument was unveiled in Kansas City in 1927, so the city attraction was still new when Joe selected the postcard.

(Interestingly, there are similar statues in many other cities – including notable ones in San Francisco and Vancouver, Washington.)

On the reverse, Joe reports that he is “well and happy” and hopes that “everybody” is the same.

It seems that Joe may be traveling farther as he notes, “we are making fair time”.

In the Comments, I link some interesting information about this monument from the Kansas City Parks and Recreation site.

One hopes that Joe completed his journey successfully, that Mrs. Bankert was pleased to hear from her son, and that everybody remained well and happy.


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