Monument to Thaddeus Stevens – Lancaster, PA (1909)

One of the greatest orators and political leaders of the Civil War Era, Thaddeus Stevens, had a long career in law, industry, education, and public service.

For the last years of his life, during the heated arguments over the adoption of the 14th Amendment and the terms of national re-unification, Stevens represented Pennsylvania in the US Congress.

Thaddeus Stevens died in Washington DC on August 11, 1868.

The passionate champion of public education and civil rights was buried in a private, non-denominational, cemetery at the corner of Mulberry Street and Chestnut Street in the city of Lancaster.

This postcard, with the hand-colored photograph of the Stevens monument, was published by Valentine & Sons of New York.

(Valentine & Sons had once been an English firm, but many postcard companies became international in the early years of the twentieth century.

The postcard, printed in Great Britain, was mailed from Lancaster by “Miriam”.

The postmark is August 25, 1909.

The postcard was delivered to Mrs. Wm. Strunk in Reading.


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