“A Pointed Suggestion” – Aspers, PA (1906)

Mrs. D. A Long lived in Shippensburg, a borough on the border of Franklin and Cumberland Counties in south-central Pennsylvania.

In the early 20th century, this part of the Cumberland Valley was home to furniture factories and other industry.

A campus of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education is located in Shippensburg.

In August of 1906, Mrs. Long received a comic postcard from E.M.L. of Aspers, PA.

Aspers is a census-designated place in Adams County (22 miles to the east of Shippensburg, across a ridge of the Appalachian Mountains).

The comic postcard features an illustration of a gentleman in colorful attire sitting on a tack.

The legend reads, “A Pointed Suggestion”.

Because postal regulations had required (until 1906) that the backs of postcards contained only an address, the postcard message was written on the face.

Here, EML (who seems be a relative) asks, “Shall we go to Aunt Annie’s on our way home…”.

The postcard was copyrighted and published by the Philadelphia Post Card Company in 1905.

The artist is not identified.

I have a dozen postcards that were mailed between members of the Long family.

Alas, I do not know if Aunt Annie received a visit as Alda had suggested.

One hopes that the writer, Mrs. Long, Alda, and Aunt Annie enjoyed the late summer of 1906.


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