“Charlie, Stop That Fooling”- Parkesburg, PA (1907)

This comic postcard was published by the Royal Publishing Company of Philadelphia in 1906.

A young woman sits demurely on a bench while her suitor picks flowers.

A cow licks the woman’s neck and the damsel, without looking up, exclaims, “O Charlie, stop that fooling”.

Apparently, Charlie is in the habit of making amorous advances.

The postcard was mailed from Parkesburg, PA, a charming borough in Chester County of southeast Pennsylvania.

This community was founded early in the 18th century.

Riders on Amtrak may have admired the cluster of beautiful old homes in Parkesburg as they sped through the town.

Addressed to A. T. Leike in Coatesville, the postcard was delivered on January 28, 1907.

Coatesville is a city in Chester County that grew up along the Philadelphia- Lancaster Turnpike.

In 1907, it was becoming a center of steel-making – led by the Lukens Steel Company and other industrial plants.

(Industrial re-structuring has reduced the population and the prosperity of the city today.)

Mr. Leike left an enormous postcard collection – one can find postcards addressed to him at more than one antique dealer.

From other postcards, I believe his first name is “Albert”.

One hopes that Albert was amused by the postcard and that he and the sender ( E. D. L.) enjoyed correspondence for many years.


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