“A Postcard for Your Album” – Vintage, PA (1908)

Master Walter Denlinger lived in the household of Christ Denlinger – presumably, the father of Walter.

The Denlinger family lived in Vintage, a village on the Lincoln Highway in eastern Lancaster County of southeast Pennsylvania.


In March of 1908, young Walter received a postcard from his cousin, Cora Eby.

Cora lived in Gap, the old town that grew up at a pass in the Mine Ridge of eastern Lancaster County, PA.


The face of the postcard is a cute drawing of two babies crawling from a decorated box that had been bound with ribbon.

A legend, “To My Sweetheart” appears below the drawing.

The postcard was published by the International Art Publishing Company of New York and Berlin – the postcard was printed in Germany.

Cora inscribed her initials, C. M. E., beneath the printed greeting.

On the reverse, Cora notes that, “here is a card to put in your new album…”.

The postcard album seems to have been a present to Walter from Aunt Sue.

Walter, like millions of other people in the early 20th century, was now a postcard collector.

I have other postcards sent to Walter Denlinger that have survived for more than a century; we may assume that Walter did pursue his hobby for some time.


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