“A Pressing Engagement” – Randolph Center, Vermont (1907)

Miss Mamie Whitney lived in Woodstock, the beautiful Shire Town on the Ottauquechee River in east central Vermont.


In August of 1907, Mamie received a comic postcard from her friend, Gertrude.

Gertrude mailed the postcard from Randolph Center, an historic town in the center of Vermont.


Woodstock is about 30 miles south of Randolph Center.

The face of the postcard is a humorous illustration of a young couple embracing on top of a desk.

The lines are simply drawn, without finesse.

There is no publisher’s mark or artist’s insignia.

The lovers are well-dressed, and the barely-sketched scene suggests an office.

An office boy, emptying the wastebaskets, watches the amorous scene from a distance.

Above the entwined couple is the legend, “A Pressing Engagement”.

Apart from the couple pressed together, the legend may suggest a newspaper office.

The message on the reverse suggests an activity of youngsters- although the language is that of an adult.

Gertrude writes, “I went to school to-day”.

This seems to have been a new experience as Gertrude adds, “I think I will like very much when I get better acquainted.”

Perhaps Gertrude had started a new school or had entered secondary school.

One hopes that Mamie was amused by the postcard, that Gertrude did grow to love the school, and that the correspondents remained friends for many years.


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