A Rabbit for Mrs. Eaton – Monroe, Wisconsin (1914)

Mrs. George Eaton lived near Monroe, a city or town in Wisconsin.

(One city and two towns in Wisconsin are named “Monroe”.)

The city of Monroe is in south-central Wisconsin and has been a center of cheese-making since the 19th century.


In April of 1914, Mrs. Eaton received an Easter postcard from a neighbor.

The neighbor, Mrs. Trumpy, mailed the greeting from Monroe.

The neighbors are not nearby – Mrs. Trumpy inquires if Mrs. Eaton has seen snow “down there”.

Mrs. Eaton does live on a Rural Delivery Route, suggesting that the homes could be separated by several miles.

The face of the postcard bears a bright illustration of the head of a rabbit.

The embossed bunny is framed by lilies and other Spring flowers.

Below the illustration are the words, “Easter Greetings”.

Printed in the United States, the postcard was probably published in 1914.

One hopes that Mrs. Eaton was delighted by the charming postcard and that she, and Mrs. Trumpy, enjoyed a wonderful Easter.


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