A Rooster for Watson – West Chester, PA (1907)

We met Watson Ryan in an earlier postcard story; he received a comic postcard related to the hen-pecked husband.

Although I have postcards with different addresses for Watson Ryan (and, later, his family) in southeast Pennsylvania, Watson was in West Chester in 1907.

The postcard was mailed from the same post office, suggesting the sender was a neighbor or close friend.

In January of 1907, Watson received a beautiful postcard print of a large rooster.

The painting was printed in Germany by the “German American Novelty Art Post Card Publishing Company”.

This international company produced art postcards of exceptional quality, having mastered the rapid printing of bright, multi-colored images.

The firm’s name reflects its linking of German printers to the vast American market for postcards.

It also reflects the special fondness of the large German-American population for these brilliant reminders of familiar scenes.

I cannot tell if the initials, B. D. P, on the face of the postcard were made by the sender or reflect the artist.

It seems that Watson was pleased by the stately fowl as the postcard has survived in good condition for more than a century.


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