A Walk in the Woods – circa 1910

This charming quartet memorialized their woodland stroll with a postcard photograph.

The postcard lacks any indication of place or time, or the identities of the young men and women of the early 20th century.

While recognizing that many common traditions in posing for photographs seem unusual to viewers of our time, the poses of these four still seem odd to me.

I have many vintage postcards of young people in groups; earlier posts on this site included the quartet at Venice Beach, the men of the musical society, the girls on the hillside, the group from Pleasant Valley, etc.

In each of the prior posts, the members of the group were standing or seated more closely to one another and seemed to “belong together”.

The characters in this photo do not seem particularly close or affiliated, except for the two young woman who lightly clasp hands (a common pose).

The quartet seems to be taking their walk in summer; each one is wearing a summer hat made of straw.

Each of the gentlemen is carrying a cane.

I hope that the absence of an inscription does not mean that these four did not remain friends through the years to come.


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