A Rose to Ina – New Holland, PA (1909)

Ina Rhodes lived in New Holland; The borough of New Holland began as a small agricultural village, but is now the home of several large businesses.


In early March of 1909, Ina received a postcard greeting.

The face of the postcard is a lovely drawing of a large white rose.

Ina’s mail was addressed in care of Walter Johns; we don’t know if Ina boarded there, was a relative, or worked as a housekeeper.

Ina’s friend in Dayton, Virginia had expected a letter from her for more than a week.

Dayton is a town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, near the towns of Harrisonburg and Bridgewater.


The friend, “R.C.R.”, wrote that “we are all well at present and hope you are the same”.

The postcard message informs Ina that “Rhoda Heatwole was buried last Thursday at Pleasant View”.

In 1909, Pleasant View was a Reformed Mennonite congregation; a photographic essay about the area identifies the congregation today as “Old Order Mennonite”.. 


A quick internet search confirms that Rhoda Beery Heatwole (born 1838) died in Dayton, Virginia on February 23, 1909.

One hopes that the friends of Mrs. Heatwole found comfort, and that Ina posted the overdue letter to her friend.


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