“This Spring Weather” – Pillow, PA (1910

Spring must have arrived early in central Pennsylvania during 1910.

On March 18, 1910, Miss Esther Zeiders received a postcard.

The face of the postcard shows the profile of a young woman sporting a wonderful, green hat.

The hat matches the green jacket of the young lady.

The illustration is framed by a horseshoe for good luck.

Beneath the drawing are the words, “Best Wishes”.

On the reverse, the sender inscribed the initials, H.E. W.

A brief message refers to the “Spring weather”.

Miss Zeiders lived in Pillow, a borough in the northernmost point of Dauphin County.

In 1910, the area boasted a cotton mill, a brickworks, and other businesses.

Today, the population is the same as it was in 1910, although there is only one manufacturing business in the town.


The postcard was mailed from Elizabethville, a town seven miles to the south of Pillow.


One hopes that Miss Zeiders and her correspondent enjoyed the Spring of 1910.


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