A Shady Spot – Oneonta, NY (1906)

Miss Alice Dee lived in Elizabeth, the bustling city of New Jersey that employed 2000 people in the Singer Sewing Machine factory.

(Today, downtown Elizabeth, near the train station, is a walkable area dotted with historical references to the American Revolution.)


Alice may have been working in the city, as she lived in the household of Mrs. Brown.

In May of 1906, Alice received a postcard from an unknown (to us) correspondent in Oneonta, New York.

We have seen other postcard stories related to Oneonta, the city in central New York, about halfway between Binghamton and Albany.

Today, a branch of the State University of New York (SUNY) contributes a large student population to this city which was once a railroad center.


The postcard to Alice featured a hand-tinted photograph of “The Glen” – where a stream tumbles through a wooded area of Wilber Park in Oneonta.


The postcard, published by the Oneonta Department Store, was printed in Germany.

On the margin of the photo, the sender writes, “How’s this for a shady spot”.

One hopes that Alice was delighted by the postcard, that she and her friend from New York enjoyed the Spring of 1906, and that the two remained correspondents for many years.


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