Miss Douglas Must Cancel Her Lessons – Southern Pines, North Carolina (1907)

This postcard communication may reflect a serious family concern.

In November of 1907, Miss Douglas was in Southern Pines, a town in north-central North Carolina that was founded as a winter resort for northern visitors.


Miss Douglas was accompanying her brother, nine years old, who was at the Piney Woods Inn “for his health”.

So many respiratory ailments, from tuberculosis to asthma or allergies, had no treatment – except an escape to a more favorable climate.

We do not know what health issue precipitated the boy’s extended stay in North Carolina.

It seems that Miss Douglas and her brother were residents of Philadelphia.

The health emergency required that Miss Douglas write to Miss Dalaure (?) of Philadelphia in order to cancel her lessons.

Like many other young women, Miss Douglas seems to be taking regular lessons, probably piano or voice.

For the time being, Miss Douglas would remain with her brother at the Piney Woods Inn.

According to newspaper records, the Inn was magnificent  -hosting conferences and reunions in addition to caring for convalescents.

The postcard photograph of Piney Woods was published by the American News Company of New York, which had branches in Leipzig, Berlin, and Dresden.

The postcard was printed in Germany.

Some of the grand resorts at Southern Pines have been preserved, but the Piney Woods Inn was destroyed in a great fire in 1910.

From the archives the University of North Carolina, here is a postcard image of the town of Southern Pines which once boasted a grand railroad station and an Opera House.

One hopes that the the brother of Miss Douglas regained his health and that Miss Douglas was able to resume her lessons with Miss Dalaure.


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