A View of the Acropolis – Athens, Greece (1910)

Mr. George Wood lived in DeLand, the city created by an enterprising entrepreneur from undeveloped land north of Orlando and west of Daytona Beach, Florida.



Mr. Wood maintained extensive postcard correspondence with many friends and family members; we will see other postcard stories related to George Wood.

Sometime in 1910 (the postmark is very faint), George received a postcard from H. S. E. who was in Athens.


The face of the postcard is an evocative drawing of the ancient Acropolis which continues to draw visitors and pilgrims from around the world.


The publisher was Georges Razis of Athens.

The reverse of the postcard bears only the address and the inscribed initials of the sender.

Perhaps the visitor to Athens, like many travelers of the early 19th century, had dozens of postcards to address to friends at home.

It would be interesting to learn how our traveler enjoyed this monumental city in the early 20th century, particularly if he or she had received a college education – which still included a foundation in classic Greek literature.

Nevertheless, we are glad to know that George preserved the postcard within his vast collection, and we hope that the traveler returned safely to home.


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