Edith Loves the Boats – Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (1938)

Lake Superior drains into Lake Huron through the St. Marys River which forms the boundary of northern Ontario and the upper peninsula of the US State of Michigan.

The river falls significantly in this passage, creating falls and rapids that are bypassed by the Sault Locks (often, “Soo Locks”) which facilitate significant shipping from cities on Lake Superior.


On either side of the St. Marys River are twin cities named “Sault Ste. Marie”, one in Ontario, one in Michigan.



In April of 1938, Edith and Dorothy made a crossing of St Marys River by boat into Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

From the Canadian city, Dorothy mailed a postcard to Miss Mabel Cloud in Westfield, Indiana.

Westfield is a city in central Indiana, not far from Indianapolis.

The city of Westfield was founded in 1834 by a group of Quakers from North Carolina.

From its establishment, the city was a center of activity on the “Underground Railroad”.


The face of the postcard is a drawing of the St. Marys River, traversed by the soaring International Bridge that links the twin cities of Sault Ste. Marie.


The postcard was published by the Valentine-Black Company LTD of Toronto.

On the reverse, Dorothy reports, “We are in Canada this afternoon” and “having a good time”.

Dorothy includes the news that “Edith loves the boats”.

This emphasis could suggest that Edith is a child.

One hopes that Dorothy and Edith returned safely from their journey, that Miss Cloud was thrilled by the postcard, and that the travelers had many wonderful stories to share upon their return.


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