A Visit to Mount Washington – Crawford House, NH (1905)

Mrs. F. A. Whitney lived in Cambridge, the beautiful college town across the Charles River from downtown Boston.


In September of 1905, Mrs. Whitney received a postcard photograph of Mt. Washington the highest peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


This is an early example of a hand-tinted postcard photograph; the image was copyright by the Detroit Photographic Company in 1903.

The postcard view is taken from the verdant banks of the Ammonoosuc River; Mt. Washington is in the far distance.


The sender is not identified.

In conformity to postal regulations at this time, the reverse contains only the address of Mrs. Whitney.

The postmark is of “Crawford House”, a resort which had its own post office.

This phenomenon was not rare; we have seen other postcard stories related to resorts which had a post office on site.

Crawford House was a grand resort, the largest in the White Mountains, that overlooked Crawford Notch.

The first resort, built in 1850, was destroyed by fire in 1859.

The second, grander, hotel that replaced the first was abandoned in the 1970’s and also destroyed in a fire.


One hopes that Mrs. Whitney was pleased by the postcard and that her correspondent had a delightful visit in the White Mountains.


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