A Visit to New Kensington – West Reading, PA (circa 1920)

Sometime around 1920, Harry and Sally were on a trip to western Pennsylvania.

In June, they mailed a postcard to Miss Ella Blankenbiller in West Reading PA.


The face of the postcard is a photograph of the Allegheny River at New Kensington, north of Pittsburgh.

The towns of Arnold and Tarentum can be seen upstream.

New Kensington, a city on the Allegheny River about 18 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, became the home of several large industrial companies -most notably, Alcoa.


The postcard photograph was published by I. Robbins & Son of Pittsburgh.

Their company logo, with the initials IRAS, can be seen on the lower left of the reverse.

A written message includes the report that “it is raining a little this morning”.

Nevertheless, Harry and Sallie are proceeding to Pittsburgh.

They expect to be home (presumably in West Reading) on Wednesday; the travelers promise Miss Blankenbiller to “tell you more when we get home.”

One hopes that Harry and Sally enjoyed their tour of the booming industrial region of western Pennsylvania, and that they returned home safely with plenty of tales for Miss Blankenbiller.


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