The Daniel Boone Homestead – Berks County, PA (circa 1920)

Daniel Boone was born in 1733, one year after the birth of George Washington.

(Often confused with Davy Crockett- who lived a more than generation later-Boone is part of the early history of the United States.

The handsome house of local stone is now in Berks County, PA, but at the time of Boone’s birth, the area was within Lancaster County.

The homestead as it stands today has been enlarged and altered since the Boone family lived in it.

A stone dwelling of this size would have been unusually large for a frontier dwelling.

Nonetheless, the sturdy home testifies to the continuous prosperity of this agricultural area.

In 1733, the colonies of Great Britain hugged the Atlantic coast, east of the Appalachian Mountains.

(The crown dissuaded settlement beyond the Appalachians to avoid new wars with indigenous peoples and with the French.)

The interior of Pennsylvania was settled more rapidly than most colonies due to Penn’s treaties with the Naïve American tribes that prevailed in most areas of PA during Penn’s lifetime.

The continuous stream of new immigrants required increased land for settlement.

Boone was the most successful of the frontiersmen who crisscrossed the Appalachian Mountains to find a passable corridor to the fertile valleys of what are now the States of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Through the famed “Cumberland Gap”, formed by the Cumberland River, Boone led bands of settlers.

This postcard photograph was made and copyrighted about 1920 by the prolific photographer, H. Winslow Fegley, of Reading, PA.

The postcard was not mailed.


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