A Winter Sunset for Inez – Plattsmouth, Nebraska (circa 1910)

Mrs. Inez Thompson lived in Plattsmouth, the county seat of Cass County in east-central Nebraska.


Sometime near Christmas, in a year near 1910, Mrs. Thompson received a holiday postcard from Maud.

The Christmas greeting was not mailed, so we might assume that Maud lived nearby.

The face of the postcard bears two images: a drawing of a winter landscape at dusk and a framed legend adorned with holly.

The ornate letters of the legend read, “Yule-tide Greeting”.

The design is lightly-embossed, and there is no indication of a printer or publisher.

I believe that this postcard, compressing two seasonal images, was printed in the US.

On the reverse, Maud writes only, “Merry Christmas, from Maud”.

One hopes that Maud and Mrs. Thompson had a wonderful celebration of Christmas on the wide prairies of Nebraska.


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