Addie Receives a Veiled Easter Bonnet – Long Island City, NY (1909)

Miss Addie Woodruff lived in Long Island City, a neighborhood in the borough of Queens, within New York City.

Long Island City was an independent city until the incorporation of the five boroughs into New York City in 1898.

In April of 1909, Addie received an Easter postcard from her Uncle Hen.

Uncle Hen wrote from Brooklyn, the most populous borough of New York City.

(In 1910, there were 1.6 million residents of Brooklyn.)

The face of the postcard is a riot of bright color – against a gilded backdrop, a young woman stands amid a profusion of white blossoms.

The young lady is wearing a white dress with a high collar; on her head is a magnificent hat with a gauzy veil.

For the holy day, the young women clutches a prayer book.

Beneath the cascade of blossoms are the words, “Easter Greetings”.

On the reverse, the message is printed neatly, “Best Wishes from Uncle Hen”.

It seems that Addie was pleased by the Easter remembrance, the postcard was preserved in very good condition for more than a century.

(I made digital repairs to the gilded border)

One hopes that Miss Woodruff and her Uncle Hen enjoyed a wonderful Easter season in 1909.


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