Pilgrim Girl and Pumpkin – Catskill, NY (1911)

Miss Ella Fuller lived in Catskill, the lovely village in the Hudson River Valley of south-eastern New York State.


In November of 1911, Ella received a Thanksgiving postcard from Charlotte Beach.

Charlotte may have been a neighbor, classmate, family member, or close friend – the postcard was mailed from Catskill.

The face of the postcard is a whimsical drawing of a girl in the grab of the Pilgrims picking up a large pumpkin.

The girl wears a white bonnet; her cape is billowing behind her.

Beneath the drawing is an elaborate script, “Greetings for Thanksgiving Day”.

The postcard was published by the well-known English form of Raphael Tuck & Sons; the postcard was printed in Saxony.

On the reverse, Charlotte writes, “With love from Charlotte Beach”.

One hopes that Ella was pleased by the charming drawing and that she and Charlotte enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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