Advertising Through Art – F.W. Crane (circa 1910)

This Art Postcard advertised the F. W. Crane Company of Dresden, Germany.

An office in Cincinnati, Ohio was the center for business in the United States.

(This is not the Crane Company, located in New England, which still manufactures fine stationery and other paper products.)

Sometime around 1910, the F. W. Crane Company adopted art postcards as an advertising medium.

This very good reproduction of a self-portrait by Anthony Van Dyck was printed by the Stengel Company of Dresden.

We have seen other postcard art published by this excellent German firm.

On the reverse, the notation about the work of art is written in French.

It tells us that Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641) was born in Anvers, and became a student and then a collaborator with Peter Paul Rubens.

Van Dyck worked in Anvers, London, in Italy, and in Holland; he became the court painter to Charles I of England in 1632.

The postcard, which was “Printed in Germany”, is designed as an advertisement – there is no accommodation for mailing.

One assumes that some lover of art or devotee of fine printing preserved the postcard as a memento.


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