The Pontiac “Straight 8” – circa 1933

While I have never been especially interested in automotive engineering, I do admire the looks of classic cars.

The Pontiac brand was launched in 1926 and was designed to provide durable autos at affordable prices.

The Pontiac was pitched to buyers who were interested in value – between the more popular (and cheaper) Chevrolet and the more luxurious Buick and Oldsmobile brands.

By the 1930’s, the Pontiac needed new selling points, and introduced an eight-cylinder engine with more power at an affordable cost.

This advertising card features the new “Straight 8” Pontiac of 1933.

Although it could be mailed, the card was not printed as a postcard – with a block for a stamp or directions for the address and message on the reverse.

It appears that another person liked the looks of the new Pontiac and saved the advertisement as a memento.


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