“All That’s True and Fine” – Brainerd, Minnesota (1923)

Celia, Mrs. L. Reinhart, lived in Rudolph, Wisconsin.

The Village and Town of Rudolph, located in central Wisconsin, have become a center of cheese-making.

In December of 1923, Celia received a Christmas postcard from a friend in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Brainerd is a city in central Minnesota that began as a fur and logging post, but became an important center for the Northern Pacific Railroad.

The news from Brainerd is concerning, despite the cheery Christmas verse on the face of the postcard.

The writer has been bedfast for four weeks with anemia; Billy and Gordon had the measles and Kathleen had tonsillitis.

Ethel and her husband are coming up to spend Christmas with the beleaguered family; one hopes that all will have recovered and that the visitors will bring assistance and good cheer.


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