Along the Codorus -1907

On September 11, 1907, a postcard was mailed from York, PA to Lloyd Weinhold of Denver, PA.

This postcard, printed in Germany, bears a hand-colored photograph, “Along the Codorus, York, Pa”.

Here, a handsome covered bridge crosses a peaceful, tree-lined stream.

The Codorus River flows around and through the city of York; a summer storm caused significant flooding in downtown York in 1933.

The postcard appears to have been published circa 1905; there is an undivided back which leaves no place to inscribe a message.

The postcard was published by United Art Company of New York City.

The face of the postcard contains a small printed notice, “Pub. by Wallick’s”.

The Wallick family has a long history in York County.

I could not discover what business was known as “Wallick’s” in 1907.


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