Springtime on the Conocoheague River – Chambersburg, PA (1930)

n 1930, this area was still a prosperous center of mining (anthracite coal).

Miss Evans received a postcard from Eva who was in Chambersburg, a city in south central Pennsylvania, near the border with Maryland.

Eva writes that she is “enjoying myself lots”.

The postcard bears a hand-colored illustration of the Conocoheague River near Wilson College.

(Wilson College, founded by Presbyterian ministers in this area of Scotch-Irish immigration, was a leader in the education of women – the college did not become co-educational until the 21st century.)

The postcard was printed by David Kauffman of Baltimore.

(I strongly suspect that the publisher is the son of Louis Kauffman – I have dozens of postcards published by “Louis Kauffman & Sons” circa 1910.)

The Wiki entry for Wilson College provides a fascinating story of the survival of small, liberal arts schools.

It is impossible to mention Chambersburg without noting the series of attacks on this small city by Confederate raiders and cavalrymen during the Civil War.  

The town was the home of several outspoken Abolitionists, a school for Black students, and many supporters of the Underground Railroad.

(This town, near the Mason-Dixon Line, also had strong defenders of the Confederacy.)

Chambersburg was burned by forces under Jubal Early after earlier raids stole money, horses, and food.

One hopes that Eva continued to enjoy her time in Chambersburg and was able to share more news with Mary.

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