An Affected Actress – Chicago (1906)

Almost everyone, at some time, meets people for whom affectation and “drama” is a constant companion.

Self-conscious actors and actresses may be especially prone to self-dramatization.

This comic postcard, copyrighted by R. Hill, was mailed from New York City on January 26, 1906 and received in Chicago the next day.

Addressed to Miss Blanche Gilson of Michigan (Avenue?), the postcard also bears hand-written warnings on the face.

“Take warning. Don’t do it” appears beneath the comic illustration of “The Affected Actress”.

The writer seems to have added initials – or, possibly, the name “Mimi”.

One does not know if Miss Gilson was contemplating a career on the stage or if the comments were intended to be a humorous commentary on the short verse.


Interestingly, an actress by the name of Blanche Gilson did have a career that involved one Broadway production.

She is listed on theater history sites – but, maddeningly, without any other information.

So, it may be that this was a genuine attempt to dissuade a young actress from pursuing a life on the stage.


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