An Apple Feast for Mrs. Cavanagh – Canton, Ohio (1911)

Mrs. Louise Cavanagh lived in Canton, the city on branches of the Nimishillen Creek in northeast Ohio.

In the early 20th century, Canton was a major manufacturing center – like Akron and Cleveland which lie to the north.,_Ohio

In August of 1911, Mrs. Cavanagh sent a postcard to her friend, Mrs. Robert McFarlanmd.

Mrs. McFarland lived in Carrollton, a village in east-central Ohio.

(Carrollton is about 29 miles southeast of Canton.),_Ohio

The face of the postcard is somewhat somber, a framed illustration of trees silhouetted against the dusky sky.

A printed inscription reads, “There’s Gladness in Remembrance”.

On the reverse, the tone is bright and celebratory.

Mrs. Cavanagh thanks Mrs. McFarland for a recent gift of apples.

Louise writes, “Those apples are so good …having a feast three times a day.”

The gift has furnished “apple sauce, apple dumplings, apple pie”.

In other news, Mrs. Cavanagh reports that “Alice and children have not returned home.”

This does not seem to be a cause for alarm as “she is having a nice time.”

In closing, Louise invites her friend to “come up when you can”.

One hopes that Mrs. Cavanagh continued to enjoy her apple delicacies, that the friends were able to visit in the near future, and they remained correspondents for many years.


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