An Interrupted Tryst – Andover, Ohio (1909)

Miss Julia Hoehn lived in Warren, a city on the Mahoning River in northeast Ohio.,_Ohio

In May of 1909, Julia received a comic postcard from Edna.

Edna mailed the postcard from Andover, a village in northeast Ohio, less than three miles from the border of Pennsylvania.

Andover is about 40 miles northeast of Warren.,_Ohio

The face of the postcard is an amusing drawing of young lovers on a settee.

The amorous interlude is interrupted by a mischievous boy bursting into the parlor.

The faces of the young man and the young woman register surprise and irritation.

A legend beneath the picture tells us, “When little brother comes in at the door, love flies out the window.”

This comic scene of an interrupted romantic meeting was copyright and published by M. T. Sheahan of Boston.

We have seen other mottoes and comic images printed by this firm.

The “little brother” was copyrighted in 1908.

On the reverse, Edna acknowledges that she has been tardy in responding to Julia’s missives.

Edna writes, “You no doubt think I have forgotten you…”

Edna explains that she has been sick, and has been very busy with work.

Indeed, Edna ends the message by saying that “I have lots to get out before Decoration.”

I assume that the reference is to Decoration Day, and that Edna may be involved in preparing flowers, hats, or some other product related to the holiday.

One hopes that Edna and Julia remained friends and correspondents, and that both enjoyed the summer of 1909.


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