Beulah Receives a View of Warner Park – Chattanooga, Tennessee (1918)

Miss Beulah Peters lived in Mt. Hope, a small community that was established to support the workers and dependents of the iron-monger who lived on a nearby estate.

In northern Lancaster County, the community was connected by rail to the foundry towns of Cornwall and Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

The Post Office in Mt Hope was closed in 1920.

After Christmas in 1918, Beulah received a postcard from her friend, Tedd.

I cannot tell if this is a male or female friend -the name is probably an abbreviation or nickname.

I also cannot determine certainly that the postcard was mailed from Tennessee.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of Warner Park, a large “municipal playground” in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A blurb on the reverse of the postcard lists the playground equipment, ball diamonds, tennis courts, tracks, picnic grounds, and sanitary facilities that were offered in the park.

The park featured also a large Merry-go-Round.

Today, the site also contains the Chattanooga Zoo.

The postcard photograph was published by the T. H. Payne Company of Chattanooga – part of the “Lookout Series”.

In a brief message, Tedd thanks Beulah for the Xmas cards and expresses the expectation of seeing her soon.

One hopes that Beulah and Tedd enjoyed a delightful meeting at the beginning of 1919.


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