An Offering of Hymns – circa 1910

For this very warm Sunday in late summer, a look at one of the phrases of the Lord’s Prayer.

In earlier postcard stories, we saw postcards illustrating other parts of this prayer.

This postcard was made in Germany circa 1910, and may have been awarded to a pupil in grammar school or Sunday School.

The postcard was not mailed, but was preserved in very good condition – presumably it was collected in an album or some other protected place.

The illustration on the face shows an organist accompanying two singers.

The printed legend, “Hallowed Be Thy Name”, suggests that this is an offering of hymns.

 It is not clear if this is a choir loft or some private place in which hymns were sung.

This assertion of the holiness of the Name of God recalls the Ten Commandments- the first five of which prescribe actions to honor God.

It is not sufficient to thank and praise God, but to guard against the misuse of His name.

At a time when clamorous and contradictory voices claim to speak for the Almighty, it is good to remember that these claims are often presumptuous.


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