Archie is Five Years Old – Harlowton, Montana (circa 1910)

The city of Harlowton lies on the Musselshell River on a high plain between the mountains of central Montana.

It was an ancient hunting ground for indigenous tribes and several “Buffalo jumps” have been found in the area.

(It was also the place where a notorious cattle rustler, “Big Nose George”, perpetrated a horse robbery.  Big Nose was later hanged in Wyoming.)

In 1910, Harlowton was an important switching station for the growing railroad business across the northern US.

Like most cities, Harlowton boasted at least one photography studio.

Sometime around 1910, young Archie Siver (possibly Sirer or Siser) had a photographic portrait made at the Riatt Studio.

Some thoughtful person inscribed the reverse with Archie’s name and a notation that the boy was five years old.

One hopes that the cheerful youngster in his sailor suit was happy and prosperous in the new, twentieth century.


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