The Belles of Kansas City – Kansas City, Missouri (circa 1915)

Sometime around 1915, two young women had a photographic portrait made at the studio of the Eastern Photo Post Card Company in Kansas City.

(It is unclear if this is a studio or a postcard publisher.)

(About a hundred years later, I worked on a project in Kansas City for several months, and have a general sense of where the studio was located.)

This photograph was interesting to me because of the veils attached to the broad-brimmed hats.

I have confessed, in other postcard stories, that I have only a rudimentary knowledge of the history of fashion – although I am fascinated by the clothing styles of the early 20th century.

I assume that these are summer hats, that the broad brims and veils are to protect against sun exposure – but I admit that this is conjecture on my part.

Hats with veils survive into our own time primarily in mourning dress for women.

We may recall the photographs of Jackie Kennedy (and other prominent women in mourning) who have covered their faces with veils.

The two young women in the photograph are smartly attired in light-colored dresses and the large white hats.

One hopes that they enjoyed their summer and were afforded ample protection by their stylish hats.


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