Arthur Sends Something Odd – Seymour, Connecticut (1907)

Mr. Lewis Spencer lived in Seymour, a town on the Naugatuck River in New Haven County of southwest Connecticut.,_Connecticut

In July of 1907, Lewis received a postcard from Arthur.

Arthur mailed the greeting from Waterbury, a city 12 miles north of Seymour on the Naugatuck River.

In the early 20th century, Waterbury was a becoming the leading  center of brass manufacturing.,_Connecticut

Arthur’s postcard features a photograph of an unusual natural phenomenon.

A seed sprouted in the crevice of a boulder and found sufficient nutrients to grow atop the stone.

When the roots of the seedling reached the ground, the tree could develop as if it were planted firmly in the earth.

The postcard was published by the Chapin News Company of Hartford, Connecticut.

There is no explanatory blurb identifying the species of tree or the age of the marvelous plant – although it seems the tree was growing in Waterbury.

(An on-line search shows a dozen different postcard photographs of this famous tree, but I could not find an account of the tree’s growth.)

On the margin below the photograph, Arthur writes, “Isn’t this odd”.

One hopes that Lewis was pleased to receive the odd sight and that he and Arthur remained friends and correspondents for many years.


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