Ella & Roy Are Married – Wooster, Ohio (1909)

Mrs. Roy Myers was recently married.

The happy couple lived in Wooster,  the charming city in northeast Ohio, about 50 miles southwest of Cleveland. 


In May of 1909, Ella received a postcard celebrating the nuptials from her friend, Mabel.

Mabel mailed the postcard from Allegheny, a municipality across the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh.

Allegheny, PA was incorporated within the city of Pittsburgh in 1907 and became the “North Shore” of that city.


The face of the postcard is a drawing of a young man and a young woman startled from their dalliance by a cupid shining a powerful flashlight at them.

The illustration is titled, “The Love Light in Their Eyes”.

The engraving was copyrighted by the Ullman Manufacturing Company of New York in 1908.

This amusing love scene is part of the American Post Card “Photogravure” Series.

On the reverse, Mable inscribes a suitable congratulatory message that includes her sincere blessing and best wishes.

Mabel writes:

“Please accept my hearty congratulations and may your life be spent in peace and happiness.

My best wishes to you both.”

On the margin of the face, however, Mabel offers some lyrics that communicate a more measured tone:

“We’ve launched our bark together

Upon Life’s stormy ocean;

Which shall it be?  Fair weather,

Or one grand, big commotion.”

One hopes that Ella and Ray found “fair weather” in their years together.


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